Circle of Blue Shares Important Map of the Ogallala Aquifer

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Map of the Ogallala Aquifer

No one does as good a job as reporter Brett Walton and Circle of Blue putting world water issues on the map. The latest contribution is an actual map depicting the intensifying crisis facing the Ogallala Aquifer.


  1. Avatar Mark Talt says

    I enjoyed your book, especially since the issue of “water” can become very boring. People don’t find water to be that interesting and don’t understand how much water usage issues are controlled by corporate farmers who have a disincentive to save water! The issue is “why are a few thousand plains farmers allowed to pump nineteen million acres feet out of the aquifer…….That is more than half again as much as the annual flow of the Colorado River, which brings water to thirty million people”. That is absolutely staggering, but 99% of Americans just don’t get it!

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